About GT Management

Our team has the experience of the representation of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter for 10 years and at the moment we have 19 athletes from 11 different countries. 

For GT Management, it is not only about finding competitions at any cost, but about finding the right competitions for the athletes to help them develop and perform at Championships and will work closely with the athletes and their personal coaches to achieve this.


hans@globalthrowing.com, +372 5845 4456 or Skype hansyyrike

  • Hans Üürike
Where you can find us?

When Hans is not hiking on a volcano in Indonesia or skiing at Vasaloppet marathon in Sweden, he is based in Tallinn, Estonia. Other option would be just to find him on a stadium at bigger meets 🙂

Why US!

We love throwing events and we are fully dedicated on promoting throwing in athletics. We understand that throwers need more attention - and we are working on full power to achieve it.

How hard can it be?

This is a slogan for our management - our work is our hobby and we enjoy the path to the reward, not the reward we get out it alone. We really believe that if you are dedicated and motivated enough, you will succeed!